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Find opportunities in your data base

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You data base, implemented into Simple CRM, is a gold mine.

Thousands of business opportunities are waiting for you in your own data.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate! It’s time for sales prospecting, based on the data mining technology:
• Define the interest of your customers in Simple CRM for your products/services (types, models, quantities, etc.)
• Define some types of qualifications into Simple CRM (geographical area, number of employees, lead, customers, VIP, partners, etc.)
• Create a query: click on several criteria and launch the query
• See results as: analytic chart, listing, reports, and export it if needed into a CSV file (compatible Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office)
• Share results of queries with your colleagues (example: you can define a sales prospecting list and ask at your colleague to contact those leads)

Simple CRM is the best online data mining software: try it for free during 30 days.