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How to manage your contacts ?

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• Storage and access to centralized contacts address book (security rules and rights can be defined)
• Storage and access to the history of the business relation (e-mails, meetings, phone call, offers, invoices, supports, etc.)
• Log file history (each time a modification is done, wherever in Simple CRM, a record of the modification is written to a history log file)
• Link several companies to a contact
• Storage private and professional data
• Archive contacts/companies and reactivate them later if needed
• A contacts qualification tool allows you to query contacts based on search criteria
• Compose phone number directly on your VOIP software
• Import and export contacts on CSV file (compatible Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Libre Office)

                Simple CRM - online contact management : added values

• Gmail Contact synchronization
• Google Application Contact synchronization
• Contact synchronization with mobile devices (IOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile)
• Check the validity of the CIK
• Check the validity of the VAT (European system)
• Extracts e-mails from all sources (website, PDF, Word, etc.)
• Mass Mailing tools
• Speak and Simple CRM writes for you
• Click and Simple CRM read the contact/company info for you

                Why do you need Simple CRM as an online contact management software ?

An online contact management software is not just about contact management: it’s about the quality of your data base, the context of your business relation and of course, it’s about the security of your data.

Simple CRM provides you a complete view of the quality of your data trough analytic charts.

Simple CRM provides you a complete view about your business relation with each contacts/companies of your data base: sales history, purchases, deliveries, projects, supports, documents, invoices, etc.

It’s not possible to delete contact or company into Simple CRM. It’s just archived and in one mouse click, the archive can be back in business.

Simple CRM is the best online contact management software: try it for free during 30 days.